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What's Awsomics?

Awsomics is an online framework that promotes exploratory and reproducible analysis of complex genomic data and facilitates knowledge discovery in the process of biomedical research. Its targeted users are biomedical scientists who want to incorporate enormous genomic data in public repositories into their research, but lack time and resource to do so. Awsomics is available as a Shiny Web Server running on Amazon Web Service (AWS) instance.

    Awsomics has three major components:
  •   - Rchive, the backend collection of currated genomic data;
  •   - a Shiny web server that hosts a series of bioinformatics APPs;
  •   - and bioinformatics methods implemented by the APPs to enable integrative analysis of multiple data sets and data types.


Jim Zhe Zhang
Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


Rchive    Ready-to-use genomic data

RNA-seq 2G    2-group differential expression

GeEx    Gene expression Explorer

GSA-Genie    Gene Set Analysis & collections

U-GIC    User-Guided Iterative Clustering

Scatter    Interactive scatter plot

Bar    Interactive bar plot


  SLE1    2015-09, H3K4me3 peak breadth in SLE

  CdLS1    2016-10, CdLS-specific expression

  SLE2    2017-10, Multiple immune cells of SLE

  Mito1    2018-10, Drug treated mito deficiency